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Parish Council Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2015

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 at 12:33 pm
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St. Thomas More Parish Council

UNOFFICIAL Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2015

 M. Mannix called the meeting to order.

Fr. Taillon opened with a prayer and indicated that there was a new parish council and thanked the old council members for their service.  The new parish council consists of Katie Carver, Caroline Murphy, Michael Doyal, Ed McLaughlin, Victor Primavera, Pat Reidy, Matt Mannix and Eleanor McSally.

In attendance at this meeting were Fr. Taillon, Deacon Sullivan, council members Katie Carver, Caroline Murphy, Michael Doyal, Ed McLaughlin, Victor Primavera, Pat Reidy and Matt Mannix and liaisons Jackie Baglini (Our Lady’s Guild), Joe Robenhymer (Knights), Mike Falvey (Trustee), Missie Antone (Religious Education) and Pati Paolella (Staff).


M. Mannix called for nominations for Parish Council President.  V. Primavera nominated E. McLaughlin.  M. Mannix seconded the nomination.  The council unanimously elected E. McLaughlin Parish Council President.

M. Mannix called for nominations for Parish Council Secretary.  V. Primavera nominated M. Mannix.  E. McLaughlin seconded the nomination.  The council unanimously elected M. Mannix Parish Council Secretary.

The council agreed it would elect a Vice President at its next meeting.


J. Baglini indicated that the parish breakfast, with Fr. Tim Reilly as guest speaker, is scheduled for April 26 after the 10:00 am Mass.  It will be held at Oceanside Amalfi.


Fr. Taillon indicated that the Irish Night was a huge success, bringing in $37,000 in profit.  Approximately 500 people attended.

Fr. Taillon reported on the St. Veronica’s flood and stated that it had been a logistical nightmare.  He stated that the Religious Education classes were being held at St. Thomas More.

Fr. Taillon indicated that the Parish Life Coordinator position had been approved by the Finance Committee.  Fr. Taillon described the role of the 6-person Finance Committee to the council, stating that it oversaw the finances of the parish and that every parish in the Diocese has a committee performing this independent role.

Fr. Taillon said that the Parish Council’s primary role is to act as the “eyes and ears” of the parish and to provide an overarching vision for the parish.

Fr. Taillon discussed the upcoming Stations in the Street being dedicated to persecuted Christians, in light of the executions of Christians in the Middle East.


Fr. Taillon indicated that the Mission Trip was coming up in April 2015.


M. Antone indicated that the Cinderella’s Closet was scheduled for March 21.  It includes the donations of prom dresses, jewelry, makeup and other items for the youth.

She indicated that St. Veronica’s would hold an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

She also indicated that fundraising had begun for Stubenville East and that a bus would be going to the event this year that would bring young people from our parish and our neighboring St. Francis parish.


J. Robenhymer indicated that the final Stations of the Cross prior to Good Friday would be based on the theme, “Stations through the Eyes of Mary.”  He also indicated that the Soup & Stations evenings throughout Lent have been a success.

J. Robenhymer briefly touched on the idea of a Mass in the Mountains, which he was working on with C. Tucker.


  • The council tentatively scheduled its next three parish council meetings for May 12, September 22 and December 10, all to begin at 7:00 pm.
  • P. Paolella indicated that unofficial minutes of the council meetings should come out earlier.  The three-month delay creates a situation in which events are mentioned in the minutes that have already occurred.  The council came to an unofficial temporary agreement that the secretary would provide Fr. Taillon, E. McLaughlin and P. Paolella with unofficial minutes for review.  These minutes could be posted between meetings and then officially approved at the subsequent council meetings.
  • Fr. Taillon indicated that Ann Murphy, coordinator of the Parish Feast and Festival, was not in attendance but usually attends to update everyone on the Parish Feast and Festival.  He also indicated that Holly Mills will be assisting Ann this year with the feast and festival.


  • Parish Breakfast – April 26 after 10:00 am Mass
  • Parish Council Meeting – May 12 at 7:00 pm


Deacon Sullivan closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew M. Mannix

Parish Council Secretary



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