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Parish Council-Meeting Minutes – May 25, 2015

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 at 5:23 pm
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St. Thomas More Parish Council

Meeting Minutes – May 25, 2015

 E. McLaughlin called the meeting to order.

Fr. Taillon opened with a prayer.

E. McLaughlin called for nominations for Vice President of the council.  He nominated V. Primavera for the position.  M. Mannix seconded the nomination.  It was approved unanimously by the council.

In attendance at this meeting were Fr. Taillon, council members Catie Carver, Caroline Murphy, Ed McLaughlin, Victor Primavera, Pat Reidy, Eleanor McSally, Kathleen Costello and Matt Mannix and liaisons Jackie Baglini (Our Lady’s Guild), Joe Robenhymer (Knights) and Missie Antone (Religious Education).


J. Baglini indicated that Sue Davis had planned the April 26 breakfast, which had 60 people in attendance.  She also discussed the Baby Shower recently held for Right-to-Life Services.  She also indicated that she had recently attended the Right-to-Life dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  She indicated that the Guild would handle the bakery table at the upcoming Parish Festival.


Fr. Taillon stated that the Summer Mass schedule will begin July 1.  He indicated that Father Josh Barrow will be on loan for the summer after his late June ordination.  He will return to Rome in the fall.  He stated that the Farewell Mass for Fr. Halliday will be on August 23 at St. Veronica’s at 11:00 am.  He stated that the Hendricken Jazz  Band would be there for August 23 entertainment.


Caroline Murphy spoke on behalf of her mother, Ann, who runs the Festival.  It will be held on Saturday, June 20 from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Music will include Jack Babineau, Toe Jam and Triad.  Lynn Bamford will also be organizing the event.  M. Mannix will be the Volunteer Coordinator.  The Festival will still have the major tables and attractions, including cotton candy, popcorn, baked goods (Guild), kids’ games (Holly Mills) and baskets (St. Laurent).  A slide will replace the ferris wheel.  There will be no silent auction.  Caroline indicated that the trucks needed for set-up will need to arrive at 7:00 am.

Fr. Taillon talked about the Feast and how it will have a more local flavor with the Freidt family receiving the annual medal.  The focus will be on family life and will take place at 10:00 am Mass on June 28.


Fr. Taillon indicated that the trip was a success.  He stated that the next one will be held over February vacation and is already booked for the Dominican Republic.


M. Antone indicated there were 38 Confirmation candidates and 39 First Communion participants.  She discussed the upcoming Stubenville East conference, to be held July 17-19 at UMASS Lowell.  She stated the Vacation Bible School, to be held August 3-7, will have a Mt. Everest theme this year.  She indicated that Religious Education classes continue to be held at St. Thomas More.


. Robenhymer indicated that the group continues to grow and that it recently donated $500.00 to Stubenville East.  Upcoming events include a June 6 Mass on the Mountain in N.H., an August 9 fishing trip with special needs individuals, followed by a cookout, and an August 22 golf tournament at the Richmond Country Club.  He reported that $4,600.00 had been raised during the recent Candy Drive.

He also indicated that the May 31 breakfast would have tickets available at the door at St. Veronica’s for $6.00.


  • Pat Reidy asked about a WELCOME BACK MASS for fallen away members of the faith.  She indicated it would fit nicely with the Year of Mercy.  She suggested having the Mass during Advent after the Pope’s visit to the U.S.
  • Fr. Taillon indicated he wanted to put together a subcommittee focused on the Year of Mercy.
  • K. Costello and P. Reidy talked about putting together a Living Rosary event on the night of the Assumption of Mary.  It would be best to take place at sunset.
  • M. Antone suggested a Passion Play in which teens would act out the Passion.  C. Murphy indicated that such an event helps littler kids understand the Passion.
  • There was discussion about expanding technology.  It was suggested that there by a younger member of the parish who could act as a trainer.
  • Fr. Taillon indicated that he wanted to focus on religious freedom issues and suggested a speaker he had seen a couple years ago.
  • E. McLaughlin spoke about incorporating anyone interested in a singles group with the St. Pius group.


  • Sept. 22 at 7:00 pm
  • Dec. 10 at 6:00 pm


Fr. Taillon closed the meeting with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Matthew M. Mannix

Parish Council Secretary



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