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St. Thomas More Parish Council Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2016

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 at 6:38 am
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St. Thomas More Parish Council

Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2016

E. McLaughlin called the meeting to order.

Fr. Taillon opened with a prayer.

P. Paolella made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the Sept. 22, 2015 meeting.  C. Carver seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

In attendance at this meeting were Fr. Taillon, council members Catie Carver, Ed McLaughlin, Kenya Wilkins and Matt Mannix & liaisons and Missie Antone (Religious Education) & Pati Paolella (Staff).


E. McLaughlin spoke about the Year of Mercy and organizing a trip to the Cathedral.  He stated that P. Reidy was organizing a tour of the Cathedral.


M. Antone stated that Religious Education was wrapping up for the year.  She stated that First Communion will have 33 children and Confirmation will have 27.  She stated that Stubenville East will be held at UMASS Lowell on July 15 and that 16 individuals were planning on attending.  She also informed the council of the upcoming May 4/5 Confirmation Retreat.


M. Mannix informed the council that he, Ann Murphy and Joe Robenhymer had met with the Town Parks and Recreation Department to facilitate approval of the Feast & Fire on June 21.  This event will replace the procession and will take place across from Veterans Park near the gazebo.

Fr. Taillon informed the council that the Festival will take place on Saturday, June 18.  He indicated that the Festival will include the slide again this year.


E. McLaughlin addressed upcoming events, including the June 4 Mass on the Mountain with Fr. Murphy, the golf tournament on August 20, the Mystic, Connecticut retreat on May 6/7, the May Breakfast on May 22 and coffee and doughnuts on April 10 at St. Veronica’s after both Masses.


  • K. Wilkens discussed the Consecration of Mary and that it was a “do-it-yourself” retreat.  E. McLaughlin suggested she work with J. Baglini, who was not in attendance, to get the idea off the ground.
  • K. Wilkens also brought up the idea of an after-Mass prayer group.
  • C. Carver brought up the idea of child-focused events during Mass for young children and it was discussed that it could take place during the 10:00 am Mass.  The events and activities would potentially include crosswords, coloring pages and the reading of the Children’s Gospel.  Parents would have to drop children off twenty minutes prior to the Mass.  The initial plan would be try this idea out once a month.
  • The council discussed Eucharistic Adoration.  Fr. Taillon indicated that the logistics of it are quite challenging, but that if one person spearheaded it, it could be great success.  He suggested picking dates that had meaning to parishioners to increase involvement.


The parish is looking for an Assistant Pastor.

  • Fr. Taillon’s hospital days at South County Hospital have increased.
  • The parish is currently working with St. Anthony’s in West Warwick to launch a mission to Mustard Seed Orphanage.
  • The parish is recruiting lectors and altar boys and girls, so please get the word out.
  • The parish is looking for trainers for altar boys and girls; this training could represent a potential new ministry.


  • July 19 at 7:00 pm.


Fr. Taillon closed the meeting with a prayer.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Matthew M. Mannix

 Parish Council Secretary


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