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Parish Council Meeting Minutes: June 18, 2012

Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 at 11:39 am
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Council Chair O’Neill called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  In attendance were Fr. Taillon, committee members Kevin O’Neill, Angela Del Monico, Donna Monaghan, Matthew Mannix, Ed McLaughlin, Tracey Kennedy and Victor Primavera, committee chairs Melissa Antone, Jackie Baglini, Ann Murphy and Margaret McDonald, Trustee Doris Maganaro and Steve Crawford.

Fr. Taillon led the council in an opening prayer.

The council voted to approve the minutes of the April 9, 2012 council meeting with two amendments.


Fr. Taillon indicated that the expanded Mass schedule would start on the FEAST Weekend.  He also reported that we were still awaiting word on a possible Assistant Pastor from the Diocese.


M. Antone informed the council that Vacation Bible School was scheduled for August 13-17.  Fr. Taillon indicated that Missie and the catechists are the “real laborers” and “unsung heroes” of the parish.


J. Baglini thanked Fr. Fisette for the First Friday Holy Hours.  She stated that the Guild would have a bakers’ table at the Parish Festival.  She stated that the Guild typically does not have summer meetings.  The next meeting will be on September 2, 2012.  The Roast Dinner for the Mother of Life will be on the October 6 weekend.  She indicated that the St. Edmund’s Retreat with Fr. Burchill would take place in early October.





Fr. Taillon indicated that the final approval for the final phase has still not come through.  The parish is waiting on the diocese.  Fr. Taillon indicated that the Restore, Renew campaign brought in under $1 million.  The conversation moved to a discussion of overall finances, in which Fr. Taillon indicated that the parish will break even.  He thanked Ann Buffum for her work behind the scenes on the campaign.


V. Primavera indicated that the trip was very successful, holy and fulfilling.  He indicated that the administering to the American Indians in the Midwest was especially gratifying.  He indicated that 21 parishioners went on this special trip.  E. McLaughlin and T. Kennedy indicated that the testimony from students during the Masses was especially powerful.  Fr. Taillon indicated that the mission was very different from last year’s Mission Trip.  He stated that there were many repeat missionaries.  He indicated that Gianna Tucker did a good job organizing the trip.  V. Primavera stated that at the students “grew” spiritually on the trip.


M. McDonald and A. Murphy indicated that they needed volunteers for almost every aspect of this event.  M. Antone volunteered to send a blanket email looking for volunteers.  D. Monaghan stated that Joe needs help at clean-up time.  Anyone with a truck was encouraged to bring it to the Carriage House at 7:00 am to move tables.

  • This family-focused event includes a raffle and entertainment from Rat Pack-themed performer.
  • V. Primavera got the t-shirts for volunteers.
  • A. Murphy praised Patty Paolella for the great job with the ads for the Feast.
  • Fr. Taillon made a push to sell raffle tickets.  He indicated it is the only way to make this event work and not lose money, especially with the orchestra being added, as well as the police detail.  In fact, the total budget comes to around $12,000.00.
  • Fr. Taillon also emphasized the distinction between the Parish Feast and Parish Festival.  The “Feast” refers to the entire weekend.  The “Festival” refers to the event on Saturday afternoon in town which is the party that is associated with the event.


Fr. Taillon encouraged all to sign up during the Fortnight for Freedom to adore the Holy Eucharist.  He indicated that there would be no 9:00 am Mass on the Friday morning (June 29) and that the Eucharist will be out for a full 24 hours.  Gene Bernardo is scheduled to speak about St. Thomas More on Saturday (June 30).


Fr. Taillon again stated that Msgr. Halloran will say the 10:00 am Mass on Sunday, July 1 and that the march through town would be cut in half so as not to go onto state roads on this busy weekend.  He indicated that the march was a Procession, not a Parade.  He also indicated that Msgr. Halloran’s luncheon at the Dunes Club was full.


  • Father Fisette’s last Mass in the parish was on Father’s Day (June 17th).  Terry McGovern put together a beautiful reception in the parish hall.  There is still no word on a replacement.
  • Fritz Wenisch’s talk about Mormonism was well-attended and even attended by Mormons.  The next “talk” will be on Jehovah’s Witnesses.  All are encouraged to attend.
  • Fr. Taillon discussed his desire to expand the ministry of the bringing the Eucharist out to the homebound and to expand to people to act as ministry “angels” to do errands for the elderly, visit the sick and strengthen the volunteer component of the parish’s outreach.  K. O’Neill said we should research what other parishes do in this regard.  Fr. Taillon envisions a coordinator for this program.  D. Monaghan, E. McLaughlin and M. Mannix volunteered to research this new idea on behalf of the parish council.
  • Fr. Taillon discussed a second idea to have a more door-to-door evangelization to bring Catholics back, much like St. Luke’s Parish did recently.  He wants to take a geographic, rather than an identification, approach.  M. McDonald indicated a more passive activity, such as an Open House on a winter Friday, which would be less evangelical and perhaps more welcoming.  Fr. Taillon suggested a mailing out to Narragansett residents to reach out to “lapsed” Catholics.  He said this project was a goal during his next 6-year term and that he was open to suggestions.  K. O’Neill indicated he would research this issue on behalf of the parish council.
  • Bishop Tobin will come to St. Thomas More on Sept. 17 at 7:00 pm to give a talk about FAITH.
  • Fr. Taillon discussed possible changes to the bulletin, including making it bigger, cheaper and more colorful.
  • E. McLaughlin inquired whether the pastor’s weekly message in the bulletin should address concerns from the recent survey.
  • K. O’Neill brought up the need for a by-law committee.  M. Mannix volunteered to type the by-laws and then distribute them to committee members.


The next meeting will be held on October 2, 2012 at 7:00 pm.


  • K. O’Neill made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

 Minutes Prepared By:

Matthew M. Mannix


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