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Tuesday April 20, 2010

Posted by on Apr 21, 2010 at 3:03 pm
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Yesterday (Tuesday) was arguably the most challenging day we have had so far. After breakfast, we arrived at the Mustard Seed Orphanage and were greeted by Jairo. Although we were tired, his smile and those of the other orphans eliminated any of the cobwebs and sleepiness we brought. During the brief prayer service, we experienced a touching moment with Miguelina. As the mission’s staff broke out into song, she beautifully sang along. The clapping and singing delighted all and brought us all closer together. In moments of joy like that, we understand a little more about why we are here.

After the service, it was straight to work. Some of our missionaries went to spend time with the orphans while others picked up where we had left off with the myriad of painting tasks. And still others joined Mr. Crawford in the laborius task of organizing and inventorying all the the goods in the sweltering, and poorly ventilated, storage room. It might have looked like organized chaos, but I liken the overall picture to that of an experienced band playing in harmony. Each group or individual was making a contribution independently and yet contributing to the overall beautiful song. In appreciation for our efforts and as a sign of community, we were all invited to put our names and handprints on the wall along side the orphans’.

Drawing upon the skills possessed and honed by Gianna, we tasked her to paint and coordinate the main entrance wall to the orphanage. She sketched lettering, flowers, palm trees, and butterflies which we helped to paint. I was nervous at the beginning because we covered up the old writing which was stenciled and painted professionally. As the day progressed, her work of art took shape and turned into a mini-masterpiece.

After lunch, the crew split up with Father T, Mrs. Tasca and the sagacious Doctor leading some to the Christ in the Garbage School. At the one room schoolhouse, a group of eager painter-missionaries gave the inside and out a fresh coat of paint. The students and children from the village welcomed them with open arms and lots of smiles.

As the afternoon wore on, different jobs around the orphanage were completed. This freed up individuals who were looking to play and spend time with the ophans. Unfortunately, it was their nap time so we decided to go across the street to the playground. After watching a few games of basketball, some of us were invited to play. I think we brought our “A” game, but it wasn’t enough. Despite the heat and their bare feet, we were beat out by the local “team”. We played hard though and made a couple friends, comtinuing to visit with come of the boys afterwards.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, touching up the painting projects and spending a little bit of time with the orphans as they woke up, while others went across the street for round three of basketball.

The day ended with dinner, a quick dip in the ocean, and Mass. It’s hard to believe that today is already Wednesday. On the schedule today is more work projects at the orphanage and some time spent at the Christ in the Garbage Dump School. Please continue to pray for us!

Written by Andrew Raucci & Sarah Cullen


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