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Parish Council Meeting Minutes: October 2, 2012

Posted by on May 27, 2013 at 1:56 am
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St. Thomas More Parish Council
Meeting Minutes – October 2, 2012

Council Chair O’Neill called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. In attendance were Fr. Taillon, committee members Kevin O’Neill, Donna Monaghan, Matthew Mannix, Ed McLaughlin, Tracey Kennedy and Victor Primavera, Trustee Doris Maganaro, Deacon Paul Sullivan and Pati Paolella.

Fr. Taillon led the council in an opening prayer.

The council voted to approve the minutes of the June 18, 2012 council meeting with an across-the-board amendment to include each speaker’s first initial as well as their last name to avoid the minutes resembling a football roster.


Deacon Sullivan spoke about the parish retreat in early October. J. Pontarelli suggested future retreats be held on weekends.


M. Antone was not in attendance. Fr. Taillon discussed the successful Bible School in the summer, the increased numbers in C.C.D. including some classes/grades at capacity and the need to try to accommodate this increased interest and attendance via narrower tables, changes in scheduling or some other creative solutions. He expressed happiness with our parish’s good fortune to have increased attendance and interest in the religious education program.


Deacon Sullivan spoke about the All Souls Mass and the scheduled reception afterwards on November 2nd. The next Rosary & Altar meeting is scheduled for October 15.


  •  Finance report being printed at this time. $100,000 in interest was lost on the endowment. Parish is financially stable in spite of this decrease and charitable contributions have increased.
  • The boiler is being fixed at St. Thomas More.
  • Interior of St. Thomas More will be repainted within a month.
  • Huge cracks are around the choir loft; may be repainted.
  • Carriage House project on hold because we are awaiting diocesan approvals.
  • Next mailing will include information about the Year of Faith, the upcoming Hoe-Down and the financial report.
  • St. Veronica’s Choir will sing as a full choir ONLY at the 11:00 am Mass in the future.
  • The Blessing of the Animals was a successful, if campy, event during which a diverse group of animals was blessed by our two priests.



The shorter route for the procession was generally praised and the council advised Fr. Taillon to keep the shorter route so as not to interfere with summer traffic on Ocean Road. Fr. Taillon also indicated that Ocean Road is much windier than the inner roads and requires more hoops to jump through approvals-wise because it is a state road. The shorter route is also more inclusive in that older parishioners can join in more easily. Four hundred people went to the Dunes Club luncheon for Msgr. Halloran, whose gift of U.S. Open tickets was well-appreciated, although the key matches on Super Saturday were rained out.


D. Monaghan, M. Mannix, Fr. Murphy and E. McLaughlin all met with the Diocese Outreach Coordinator to get this program off the ground. Fr. Taillon is interviewing potential candidates for the Volunteer Coordinator position.



The 50th Anniversary of Vatican II and the 20th Anniversary of the New Catechism are the bases for the Year of Faith. Our series of talks, ranging from Fr. Murphy’s “Grace in Suffering” talk to Dr. Wenisch’s discussion of the Rapture, will focus on the Year of Faith. Fr. Taillon stressed the theme of faith and the need to take this initiative seriously.

T. Kennedy spoke about the Tuesday scripture sessions and her desire to see them brought back. Perhaps they could be incorporated into weekend offerings.

The October 14 Mass at the Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul will be attended by T. Kennedy, M. Mannix and J. Pontarelli. This Mass is the kick-off for the Year of Faith.


The first parish Hoe-Down will be held on November 3 at the Elks Club. The club can accommodate 170 people. Tickets are $30.00. There will be a cash bar. The money will go to the Mission Trip. Wear country western attire or orange clothing.


This year, the trip is for ADULTS ONLY. The dates will be from March 11 to March 18 and it is already full (20 people). This year is a return to the Dominican Republic orphanage. Advent wreath sales will help to fund the trip.

Fr. Murphy has indicated a willingness to have another inside-the-USA mission trip for the confirmation students. He is also exploring the initiation of a parish youth group.


The Advent/Christmas Spectacular will be held at council chair K. O’Neill’s house on December 4. This will be an informal meeting. Please bring ideas for Christmas games.


  •  200 people attended Bishop Tobin’s event.
  • The Hoe-Down is for ALL ages.
  • V. Primavera inquired about the by-laws. M. Mannix indicated he was not able to type them yet, but would do so and distribute them to the council members.


Deacon Sullivan closed with a prayer.

Minutes Prepared By:
Matthew M. Mannix


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